Our history has been an interesting one, to say the least, You and I,

At first we were nothing more than acquaintences at best, You and I,

I don't know how or why, but over time things changed with us, You and I,

We began to resent eachother, or rather I did you, we were in conflict, You and I,

I started so much animosity between us, and our fights only got us upset, You and I,

Eventually things got too intense, too far, we needed to end this finally, You and I,

Initially, I wanted to resolve things for my own goals, but I saw a connection between us, You and I,

Soon we had made peace with eachother, and we each had gained a valuable ally, You and I,

No, not ally, I see much more than that, I see a real friendship with us, You and I

The two of us share many views and ideals, we are quite similar, You and I,

Now we are one of the closest friends to the other, and share many thoughts and connections, You and I,

How were we ever at opposite ends of the spectrum, I do not know why we had rivalry, You and I,

But as I speak we are some of the best friends, we make quite a great duo, You and I,

We're so alike in many ways, it is truly interesting and fun the similarities of us, You and I,

Recently something has happened to you, but it won't affect our connection, You and I,

We'll remain by eachother and will always have the back of each other, You and I,

Partners is a good word, companions better, but I think friends best describes You and I,

We'll always be there for eachother through it all, we'll always be together, You and I,

Now there's but one thing I can say about the link between You and I:

Maybe, just maybe, deep inside we're kindred spirits, You and I.