It had been a little over a month since I first became an official part of this society known as ERB Wiki. Currently I was rather under the radar, understandably, as I had not been around long enough to truly make a name for myself, and that I was rather reserved and quiet. Nonetheless, I was able to talk with a few of the members, and eventually got involved into their discussions more and more, as I had located a community center in which discussions would take place very often. I mainly made small talk while I was there, but, fortunately, having no real enemies seemingly. Though I would be involved in something that could eventually lead to it with time.

Two members that I saw often around this community were at a feud it seems, currently a rather quiet one of just them. These two were the ones known as RespectthePixel and Scrawland Scribblescrath (Whom I had recognized from my visit to the office where the staff worked.). Their conflict was based off of the conflicting ideals and disagreements between the two factions each one led; known as "bronies" and "whovians" respectfully. The two factions had a massive hatred for one another, and overtime that hatred only increased until war broke out.

I had recognized the factions from other communities that I had been to, I was even a part of the brony faction myself at one point. I opted to stay out of this issue, as honestly I did not care much as long as they didn't involve me themselves.

One day while I was in the community center I was approached by the leader of the whovian faction, Scrawland. He had asked me how I felt about the two sides, and I had responded that while I was part of the brony faction, I had no issues with the whovians if they did not attack me personally and in return I would not bother them. He agreed and was satisfied with my answer, calling me "an example of somebody decent from the bronies". I took the compliment and left.

I ended up befriending members of both overtimes, which meant I was hesitant to take either of the available sides, but it did mean I got exposed to the conflict more and more, and more personal things from both sides.

I really did not know what started this, I didn't know what my role in this would be or know if I even wanted a role in all of this, but I did know one thing;

A war was on the horizon already, and like it or not, I would be exposed to it.