I begun my stroll along the path near my house, my faithful dog steadily walking along my side,

A silent, peaceful trek, the only sound I could hear was when we stepped where leaves had lied,

The sun had risen not too long ago, a few clouds passed by, occasionally shadowing the star,

As my pet came to a rest, as did I, I lay on my back to the grass to gaze at the clouds from afar,

I took time to make out shapes in them, a hobby of mine since my early years on this world,

I would make connections between shapes I identified, and thus I'd have a story to be unfurled.

How I wished I could remain there all day, lying still without a single care in my soul to be had,

But alas, such a luxury would not be mine, I must enjoy it while I can, the serenity making me glad.

It was not until my companion had wanted to continue that I would rise and go on our way,

We had done what was needed and were off, as we took in the enjoyable aspects of this day.

I couldn't quite explain it at the time, but I had a feeling of warmth spread throughout my being,

Perhaps it was the heat of the day, or maybe it had been the intake of the beauty I was seeing.

It was hardly anything to look at, really, but perhaps at points that is the preferable side of beauty,

Perhaps not everything that is appreciated needs to be deep or complex, simple has glory to see.

It is a flaw that many including myself hold at times, failure to comprehend value in what is minimal,

Things that do not require symbolism or meaning, things with clear meanings that are quite literal,

This very poem embraces that, there's no hidden meaning or riddle, nothing more than a piece of writing,

About a girl thinking about beauty while walking her pet, noting the niceness that she was sighting,

Placing these thoughts behind me, I departed for home curious if tomorrow would have as much to entail,

And if I could find as much lovely sights from simplicity, but until then, I must continue Walking the Trail.