I'm sick of it all, and I don't even know why things have began to become so unlike they were

But out of nowhere everything I do is considered wrong, every word I say makes me the new Hitler.

When this all started I don't know, what I do know is that I'm really eager to have it stop.

I'm getting more and more loathed with each and every new word that I drop.

It's like I can't be myself without being evil and I can't get a word in edgewise

Because God help me if I do, because after every action I'm more despised.

Once upon a time this wasn't the case, back in the good ol days,

I was so beloved by many no matter what I had chosen to say,

But today? It's all black, to these people they see nothing about me but darkness

To them there's absolutely nothing positive at all that I harness.

I could cure all the diseases but still be considered the heel.

I could end world hunger and not change how everybody feels.

I can count the people on one hand that don't treat me like trash, that's at best five,

It's through them I even bother fighting on, and why my hopes can stay alive?

But the rest of them? They say "Fuck her! What a abhorrent bitch,

Negative as all hell, nobody loves her, she's just a hopeless witch!"

I don't know how I put and end to it, but I hope to find a way out soon.

Cuz it seems like these people are out for my blood like Drac under the moon.

But if they wanna treat me this way maybe what I do next won't be so thrilling.

Because I'm sick of this, and sick of them. I'm sick of always being the Villain.