aka Violet

  • I live in the world of spirits
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is uwu
  • I am female
  • MetalFire

    Your life, my life, big lives, and small lives are extinguished in a flash

    Victims to these Scarlet Flames, our mere existence scattered to ash

    Spares no one, such chaos these flames bring to our homes and towns

    Broken, burnt, such feelings felt when the fire is collapsing down

    In an instant our confidence, our sanity burns down with the flame

    It's poisonous smoke clogs up and things aren't simply the same

    These flames can be anywhere, to your house to the Farenheight

    Our skys, our sticks and stones, and erupts at the late of night

    But, to every evil there's always light shined throughout these flames

    Gives us warmth, these flames need to be tamed

    They can be our greatest foe or our greatest companion

    They guided our way to life, now our guide to hel…

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  • MetalFire

    This is for my TV pro project, hope you guys like it ^^

    There are tales told, but not as grand as this

    The world and when Kefka brung it into Abyss

    These mighty heroes rebelled and took Kefka down

    But these rebels soon learned that Kefka was no ordinary clown

    Sorry Narrator, but I'll take over without a hassle

    Now clean my boots! Or I'll burn you up like Figaro Castle

    If they oppose, dispose, I won't show mercy for wimps

    I'm not court jester, defy, and I'll bring out the whips

    Life... Hope... Dreams... who needs those worthless things?!

    Bow down to this Magic Rap God, not your weak pathetic king

    You humans are my toys, I'm the definition of insanity

    Step off Sephiroth cause I'm the psycho of Final Fantasy

    There are tales told, but not as grand as this


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