Minutes, that's all the time I have to write this before the song ends

Such a godsend, time is, but dear lord, I never have enough, bleeeh

There is so much that I want to do achieve, accomplish, complete, but

It appears that now I have squandered too much just completing that thought


How can a minute have passed by already? It felt like I just started a second ago

A similar feeling that I felt when I achieved the 7th gate, the end of my journey to and fro

Would I be able to do it again ? Guess not, I wasted too much time again, and I must go


Two minutes gone now, but can I really say that I'm surprised ? Each minute is shorter than the last

Time, no matter how much we try to cherish it, no matter how much we want to keep it, faster it will pass


Case in point, the time it took to complete that thought squandered a minute

The time passed by so quickly that time that I could barely even believe it

But then I remember my age, the time I've walked the Earth, and it all starts to make sense

Am I doomed to the same fate that time gives to the masses ? I don't want to rest, not yet...


Hmm, it appears that the time management worked a little better that time.

Perhaps it's because I made less errors, or because the words were in rhyme


Five minutes gone, I wasted too much time with my last thought

I made too many typing errors, and now regret is all that I got

I still have a little time left to express myself, but I fear that it isn't enough

Will I be able to complete my thoughts, or will the task simply be too tough ?


I guess that now there is only one way to find out whether this was all for nought

But overall, I'm content with what I have put out, even for a poorly organized thought

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