I stumbly sauntered, seeking assurance, sure of nothing in this world of dirtiness.

Actions are forever permanent, holding tournaments for who is the dirtiest.

It is simply tradition across the nation, fixation on this unseemly addiction;

Set out on a mission, return with failure presented in your complexion.

Who? What? Where? Why? Would anyone commit these fiendish deeds?

Is it their fault? Nay, it seems. This way of life simply just reeks and is meek.

What unspeakable, sickening sin did we commit to bring this weary way of life?

Loathing Lucifer for what he gives us for; last week, Leonard lost his lovely wife.

And one of my buds, a stud, died when he was bludgeoned in cold blood,

He was done, fell into the mud with a mighty thud. Oh, how this life is a dud.

Stay weary of your fears, each day brings hardships through the years and spark tears.

Is there a new way to life? I'm all ears, yet there is nothing for me to hear.

Every crime committed is crazy to comprehend, how kooky can mankind get?

Stop this nonsensical scrutiny that we observe and study and define as stupid.

No one could have wrote this if they wanted.

I just spoke of what I have noticed.