Shadow☆Star searched in vain for anyone, or anything. But no matter how hard he tried, he was stuck in his own desolate world, completely alone.

"This is hopeless," he thought to himself. Frustrated, he threw his fists into the ground, cracking the rocks.

"This is hopeless!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. 

He stared onto the ground with an intense passion raging in his eyes. He desperately looked around one more time, hoping to maybe catch a glympse of one person. 

To his surprise, he found not one, but two people giving him a very concerned look. One girl, and one boy. Both of them appeared to be teenagers. The girl had long blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. The boy had spiky brown hair, and bright blue eyes. 

Shadow wiped his eyes, fearing that the people he saw were just hallucinations. He looked at the two strangers again, and he knew that they were real.

"Boy, you have really lost it mate. Hey Dex, someone must have really rustled his jimmies," the girl said.

"Do not judge this one. Clearly, he has plenty of inner demons that he must vanquish," the boy replied.

Shadow stood on his feet, and regained his composure. "Hey strangers. My name is Shadow☆Star. What are yours?"

The boy replied first. "You may call me Dexter Maven, and that's Nina Ramo." 

"Pleasure to meet you," Nina said warmly.

"Tell me, are there others?" Shadow asked.

Nina smiled. "Yeah, plenty. You want to meet some of our friends? We'd be happy to introduce you to them."

Shadow nodded, and he followed Dexter and Nina to brighter horizons.

The Short Stories of Avatar XIII
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