As I stare into a mirror, I notice another staring into my eyes, resembling me.

A figure that shares my every feature, when I look that is what I can see.

Every scar, blemish, hair and feature located where it should be, nothing out of place.

From the order of my hair, to possessing the very same expression that's on my face.

But, does it share my emotions, my memories and all of my thoughts?

Is it exactly me, or are the personalities and experiences it has off?

I wish I could interact with this specter, learn of it more, share stories with it

Perhaps learn more of myself in the process, to know of this person's wit.

They look like my double, but I can't be certain of who they are,

Is it more than looks, or after that are the similarities far?

Perhaps they have a different story, and different thoughts than my own,

And perhaps they have the stories of my future, one yet to be shown.

They could be waiting to spin their threads, show what's in store

These thoughts make me only want to experience this stranger more.

Another dimension that looks like ours, but maybe they have different ways,

Different stories, who knows the wonders that are in that dimension that they stay.

Perhaps we aren't meant to find out, and it is an enigma that fills us with curiosity,

It could be an opposite of our world, one without the strife, without the animosity.

One day, maybe we can interact with that opposite, the door between us pried.

And we can experience an entirely different us, over there on The Other Side.

Alexa's Poetry
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