Note: The theme of this poem is relating to a story I am beginning, if all goes well. It may make an appearence in the story as well, so keep an eye out. ;D

Surely you've heard of it, the tale of the greats whom saved all,

By their hands many relentless demons and beasts did fall.

There were 10 in total, each holding some piece of glory within,

They purged evil from their home, cleansing it of vice and sin.

They were hailed as heroes everywhere, and justly so,

They were The Lords that saved us from evil long ago.

As a new threat rises, where are these legends at?

Now they aren't as grand, their skills not in tact.

Four of them watch over our lives, but are too elderly to protect us,

One let fame get to their head, and another hearing of the conflict abandoned us,

Two more were stripped of their power, now just lowly guards,

One has a family to look after, a life he cannot discard,

And their remains one final one, who's morality had turned sour

And they betrayed us all, with the hopes of gaining more power.

They cannot help us unless they are all together, so we must start anew,

We must make new legends come forth, and those would be all of you.

You six have special talents of your own, and are fearless at least,

You are now the new heroes, and only you can stop these beasts.

Your journey together begins soon, after a final meeting session,

We wish you good luck on your quest, you go with The Lords blessings.