A year ago it was Autumn, and with that, some leaves of the past had fallen,

New ones had grown in their place, rising to new glory, understanding their calling.

Two of the new ones had sadly fallen, with one new one being there to grow in place,

The other two remained on the tree and are here to this day, still blossomed with grace,

The old leaves spawned a great new leaf, one possessing the greatness of it's predecessors,

At the very heart of the tree, shimmering with beauty, truly a very worthy sucessor.

The tree itself has flourished and only grown more glorious as the time has passed by,

Through the seasons it remains strong, never faltering during the sun's voyage through the sky.

Some could wonder how the tree continues to remain so lovely, so very captivating

The answer is simply the wonderful people that assist the tree in it's cultivating.

As nature would suggest, things that are cared for with love tend to be those that most thrive,

And if this tree continues to having loving support, than it shall continue to survive.

The leaves do their part driving the lifeforce of the tree, keeping it going,

But the abundance of caretakers it holds is how it keeps growing.

Should this cycle continue, than the tree can continue for hopefully many years

As of now, having the tree die is a non existent possibility, casting aside those fears.

As long as the leaves and those who care work in unison, this tree shall never wilt,

It shall live happily and healthily, and perhaps with more care an even greater tree can be built.

As a leaf I shall continue to love and support this tree of Four Stars, until the day comes to move on,

But until then I shall remain here with my bretheren, and like that of the tree, The Leaves shall Bloom On.