Inside the inner gates, a new force emerges, surging with dark intent,

Plans for all it's host knows, sadism and pure malice that will never relent.

An evil nobody foresaw, one that will strike fear into hearts,

The host never being aware, as all of its control completely departs,

Demons triggered by the cries of the innocent, with the hellish lust for pain,

The agony of ones close to the host, sheer hatred and shattered souls are it's gain.

Not a being unaffected, this crisis being something so very unexpected.

When all is finished, the pain and sorrow are something that will never be accepted

A creature so loathing of everything, that no pleading will give it pause,

It will stop endlessly to ruin everything, as that is it's very cause.

In the shadows it awaits, feeding on the emotions of the unaware,

Lying through it's teeth with positivety, and the thoughts that it shares.

Evil hear and soul, not once was this mind thought to be corrupt,

Until it revealed it's true form, where everything had become shaken up.

It takes it's job in stride, not caring for anybody that it had hurt.

It gets a sick pleasure out of treating ones the host cares for like dirt.

When it's work is done, it will rise up and reveal itself finally, in a moment affecting all.

Evil is coming, waiting to spread it's darkness, and watch tolls be taken.

Be wary, as it is almost time, that hell is loose and that the Devil Awakens.

Note: No specific theme here. I've just been into supernatural stuff and demons lately.