In a few more days, we are due for a Change that effects all of the earth,

Autumn turning to Winter, this Change is just waiting to show us it's worth.

Love it or hate it, season Change is an inevitable Change that we will forever face,

It may seem frightening to some that the earth itself can so drastically Change any place.

But we shouldn't be shocked, we do the exact same transition as this cycle.

Earth can Change in seasons just like that, what Change will be for us? Life will.

Appearences and lifestyles can Change in an instant, all it takes is time.

Give this development some time, for both the world and us, and all will be fine.

Both entities here are just giving you all their new self can for you to see,

And though both can Change appearence and style so much, they keep inner beauty.

Whether it's a good or bad Change to you, it will always have some true good,

There will always be something to love for a Change, you must respect this like a true soul would.

This is just one way that we can be certain we're part of the world, we Change with it.

We'll always be good on the inside, so we can mix things up the way that we see fit.

Not everyone may enjoy such a transformation, but there's no way of pleasing all.

Just accept this and move on, because, like the earth does, you can still stand tall.

I love something about every season, and I love something about every being,

No matter how much bad there is, I know that all have good that is worth seeing.

We should all think like this, because no matter how awful, and no matter how strange,

Something may be now, it has beauty, and will transform again. All part of The Change.

Alexa's Poetry
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