Most birds will leave their home when they can fly, and when they finally come of age,

The same can also be said of a bird locked down, now finally released from its cage.

They are on their own now, secluded in the vast sky until they can encounter a new flock,

Nearly every bird experiences such phenominons, be it a mere pidgeon, or a great hawk.

They grow up so close to their cared ones, and then suddenly they must depart,

In a world of much confusion and opportunity, all for them to seek their new start.

Do birds ever ponder what becomes of the ones they leave, or will they be faded in the past?

Likewise, what of those they leave, do they cherish that bird, or is it forgotten rather fast?

The bird now free from it's constraints, or now mature enough to abandon its nest,

It is faced with an obstacle that can take quite some time to surpass; "What comes next?"

They are among a world they are not used to, so do they easily spread their wings,

Can they easily find a new group or partner, singing the very same song that they sing?

Will the free bird now be comfortable in this new time, will they freely and happily fly,

Or will the cold lonely world be too much for them that they quickly wither up and die?

It musn't be easy for them, but it is a change that they must adjust to, for it is their fate,

Difficult as it may seem, eventually all birds must leave their home, all must one day migrate.

So many questions and worries, but also so much wonder and new things for them to see,

The bird's story can be paralleled to many, and, currently, it is reflected within me.

Here I am, now distanced from what I called home, asking "What's Next" even as I type each word,

Perhaps, in many ways, I am matured and now released from my cage, a counterpart of The Bird.