Being completely alone has many advantages, as well as many flaws,

There's nothing but you, really, as if you're life has taken a complete pause.

You can have peace and solace, with nothing to come and disrupt,

Being all on your lonesome, your thoughts never having to end abrupt.

Some of the greatest minds secluded themselves, to form their ideas,

Inspire and create, one can finally accomplish their wants and their needs.

No limit to what ones thoughts and creativity can achieve, given the chance

Not having to worry about matters such as popularity, or that of romance.

Yet, what of the other end of the spectrum? The other side of the truth,

That is that without companions or people, these discoveries are all moot.

You will be wistful for the interaction of another being, someone you could sense,

Share that creativity and inspiration, and let even more knowledge and ideas commence.

I've had feelings of loneliness recently, wishing for the contact of one I hold dear,

Them not having a mutual want for me, is one concept that I do in fact fear. 14

One can enjoy their seclusion and peace, but will need to step out of their shell,

Otherwise, all that time forging brilliance will be wasted, their time will be as well.

Longing for just one acknowledgment of life, if a loner, this will soon be your goal,

We are all together in this giant puzzle piece, and you're needed to make it whole.

Remember; if you wish to be perfect, being with others is one ingredient to include,

Otherwise, there is no point to your achievements, they're all for naught in Solitude.