Dexter angrily stomped his foot on the ground. "No! I absolutely refuse the notion. Shadow, we aren't your tools for revenge!" he yelled passionately.

"For once, I agree with Dex. Shadow, I like you, but this plan of yours, attacking and killing people who may not have truly wronged you, it doesn't sit well with me," Nina added.

"You guys are missing the point," Shadow☆Star pleaded. "This isn't about revenge, it's about justice. The people that banished me from the UC are tyrants, and we cannot let them live."

Colette stood up. "Ok Shadow, even if these people are awful, just as you claim, your solution wouldn't solve the problem. If we kill them, then who takes their place?"

"Also, who are we, as mere mortals, able to judge who lives or dies?" Evol challenged.

Shadow☆Star thought to himself for a few minutes. While he wanted his comeuppance very badly, his friends posed legitimate concerns that couldn't be ignored. He decided to change his strategy. 

"You all bring up valid points, so I have another idea. Instead of killing them, we should reveal to the public how corrupt they are. We won't have to life a finger as soon as their opinions are swayed," Shadow said.

Dexter stratched his chin. "I suppose that is a better idea, but it won't be that simple."

Shadow smiled a very wide grin. "Good. The more complicated, the better."

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