Summer. Three whole months without schoolwork. It's meant to be a break, meant to be sublime

So why is it, that I feel more exhausted now, than I did during the most pressing moments of schooltime?

My friends are off doing amazing things, each on their own wonderful journey, discovering their purposes

Yet here I am envious of them. What is it that I should be learning? Apparently only the worst of this

While my head keeps turning looking for answers, I hope that the answers arrive to my thoughts

Because being stuck in a constant struggle of wanting to be alone and with others makes me distraught

And whether you too feel this issue, however large or small it may be, that matters not

I hope to come to the realizations that will liberate me. Only then, will this have not been for naught

Nature's way is letting the universe happen as it should, so will the truth come to me without effort?

I'd like to think so, but not everything as it seems to be. No matter what I continue to get hurt

The piano will keep playing this sad melody, and I will continue to write my stream of consciousness

Time will continue to move on, and eventually, we will all return to our deaths within the Earth's bed

Perhaps my friends realize this, and that is why they choose to live life without a care

This example, I should follow, yet, letting myself feel emotions again is something I cannot dare

For, the last time I truly felt an ounce of joy, an inspired heartbeat, a broken spirit, a heated passion

That, was the time I allowed myself to be vulnerable. To be in so much pain again, I cannot let that happen

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