"She's always been a good mother to me, it only makes sense that I should be a good daughter."
Alexa Viola Day

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

"Finding good in bad people is not as helpful as finding bad in good people because they just ignore their faults so that they never improve."

"To find the light within the darkest tunnels, you must first find the light within yourself."
Avatar XIII

"Coding is like language and writing, you learn by ideas and bases. If everyone came up with their own, the world would be misunderstood."

"Normally, I see nothing but darkness. But when I speak to you, I see bright horizons."

"If I came to your house and tried drowning you, that doesn't mean I wanna fuck you."

"Kanye West woke up from his Kanye Rest, feeling his Kanye Best. Then he brushed his teeth with some Kanye Crest. Afterwords, he put on a Kanye Vest and left his Kanye Nest."
— Awesomesix

"And Kev is short for Kevin, which is Steelers name and Steel is close to Iron, like CW's main man Iron Man Which connects him to PosiFour, since she is Iron Man/FEmale, and then there is Four4 and Posi/Nega Four, and THAT connects to me, cuz 79 4, and that connects me to TMC, cuz numbers"
Mystical Trixter

"Sometimes you need to enjoy the little things in life. Like having one of those spinny office chairs, I could play with one of those for hours."
Mystical Trixter

"As the snow cascades from the heavens in groups, they spend all of their time together, much like we do as humans. We'll always have someone near us, no matter what. There will always be a friend for you when you need one. You are not alone."
Mystical Trixter

"Your goals will be realized. Hurdles are merely a way to test your strength. Do not give up."
Avatar XIII

"I made Coupe fuck a man!"

"Teenage boys fap to porn?!?!"
— Mind

"The porn is infinite."

"Micheal Phelps isn't real"
— Silent Mocker

"Don't let anything steer you off the path you have drawn for yourself! Forge ahead to the end! Stick to it Lee! Make me proud! Be everything you can be!"
— Might Guy

"I did my best and if that won't do then I guess... nothing else matters."
— Anonymous

"Ask no questions, and be told no lies."
— Anonymous

"Does Eminem know, you tried to steal his flow? You just ripped off his image, and added an afro."
— Ximena 13

"Hero's may die, but Legends live forever."
— Anonymous

"I am a nobody,
Nobody is perfect.
I am perfect.
— Lawrence Mao

"I guess now is a better time to think about my actions than ever. According to a few users, I'm public enemy #3. I wonder if that's my fate. Always being the bad guy. The one that people look over and say, "Wow what a jerk" to. I have to admit, dealing with hate all the time is tiring. I wonder if people realize that I really don't want to be the bad guy. Sure my methods are unorthodox, but does that really make me evil?"
— Shadow☆Star

"One may hurt others by being themselves at times, but those who wear the guise of somebody that is not who they truly are will end up harming many more. Especially those close to them."
Mystical Trixter

"We are the unwilling, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary, for the ungrateful."
— Unknown

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
— William Blake

""It's impossible," said Pride.
"It's risky," said Experience.
"It's pointless," said Reason.
"Give it a try," whispered the heart.
— Unknown

"I know I promised I wouldn't make a fourth page, but, the music keeps calling me back."
— Lucidus Star

"I often ask myself if anything that we do, anything that I do, has any purpose. In the grand scheme of time, we do not even have a microscopic impact. Therefore, does what we do matter? Does our effect on the world around us matter? Do our lives matter?"
— Avatar XIII

— Avatar XIII

— Avatar XIII

"L.M.N.O. Penis!"
— Mat4yo

"Rwby Tooty Gay And Fruity"

"What is with anime and making 10-year-olds look attractive?"

"I like Terrorism"

"I don't like having hair anywhere except my hair, personally."
— Mystical Trixter

"aaamd o what tje ficl wjat tjat "
User:The Flatwoods Monster

"One man to another, autism to autism, I hate you Joeaikman."
— Gir 5 life

"now i just need bantha to fuck loyg and we clean "
User:The Flatwoods Monster

"Yay I'm amazing slut xD"
— Queen Desi

"I think you have a great penis Barry"
— Avatar XIII

"Plus, the thought of a monkey jizzing on Barry amuses me. "
— Avatar XIII

"Sega suck my dick. Its full of happiness."
— Left 4 Speed

"my love for you is like a big shit"
— The Con-Artists

"Go easy on me this IS my first time after all."
— Icey778

"Assholes and pussies get fucked by dicks, and this wiki is full of them."
— Scrawland Scribblescratch

"Peter seems like he'd make a vagina out of my penis"
— GravityMan

— SierraStalker

"did you add coliyrd Tim"
— CaveJohnson333

"What if Mugen's penis is sharp like the edge of a samurai sword. The metal blade cut through flesh and bone?"
— Loygansono55

"one thing i have in common with adagio is that im actually a giant seahorse"
— Dark Cyan

"And I'm sure the Native Americans were invited but they refused so he fucked them harder"
— NightFalcon9004