The people of the world are similar to one giant puzzle board,

There are many complexities and mysteries each of us have stored.

Some are easily solved, and some take a longer time to comprehend,

In the end, however, once solved they will be complete, the time it takes depends.

Some may say that people are an unsolvable puzzle, perhaps a piece is missing

But they can come to realize with work they can complete any puzzle, rather than wishing.

All of us are waiting to be solved and complete, each of our details is a piece

When we work together, learn and befriend, then our puzzle will become complete.

This is not the only way that the people of the world are a puzzle, however,

We all are the biggest puzzle, because every single one of us connect together,

Every piece has it's use in the puzzle, much like there's a purpose for every being,

And once they find their connections, their worth will be what all will be seeing.

But what if a piece is lost? What will have the puzzle complete then?

We take our time to help that lost piece and find it's place, for it is a friend.

We as pieces and a puzzle can be taken apart many times, but in the end will be completed fully

This is because once again we are all connected, and once we all realize, we'll be finished wholly

We are created to connect, to be together, through thick and thin, and through rain or sleet

We are a puzzle, where every piece has a use, and where we can all work together, to make us complete.

Alexa's Poetry
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