I made a short horror movie for one of my classes.

Plot SummaryEdit

A young man is enjoying a good read of a classic novel, The Shining. While reading, he is interrupted by a knock at the door, and leaves his book on the table and heads off to answer the door. Upon opening, he finds that no one is there, and scans his front lawn. He closes the door, but looks outside one last time, curious and slightly afraid of where the knocking came from.

The man hears a noise behind him and paces back, where he believes he sees a figure run upstairs. Thinking it's a figment of his imagination, he returns to his couch, but can't find his book. Now certain that someone is in his house, he sits stiff, and sees the same masked figure for a brief second outside.

The man, had enough, runs for his life. He makes his way upstairs, but trips, and tumbles back down. Hearing another knock at the front door, the man gets up and limps towards it, afraid for what may happen next. He opens the door to find...

A small child in a mask yelling "Trick or treat!". Completely amiss that today was the October holiday, the man gives the child five dollars instead. Relieved, the man leaves the door and sighs, now knowing everything was made up from the book scaring him. He then suddenly spots something on the ground, what is revealed to be the book he was reading. He walks further down his hallway and finds the backdoor opened. Behind him, the front door slams, and we hear a shrieking scream.


Tim Kelly as the young man

Tim Kelly as the mysterious figure

Joel Bhattarai as GhostFace, the trick-or-treater


The short film makes many references to classic and cult horror films.

  • The book the young man is reading is The Shining.
  • The clothes the young man is wearing are similar to the clothes worn by Ash Williams in The Evil Dead.
    • A book seemingly haunting the young man is similar to the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in Army of Darkness.
  • When the young man looks through the front door window, it's similar to this close-up from Psycho.
  • The film's soundtrack includes music from The Grudge and the 2009 Friday the 13th remake.
  • The revelation of the film taking place during Halloween is inspired by the film Halloween.
  • The trick-or-treater is wearing a GhostFace mask, the antagonist from the movie Scream.
  • The front door slamming on its own is reference to the ghost's capabilities in Paranormal Activity.