As leaves from an autumn tree, the old falls happily, rid of all strife

With the tree left to blossom over time, now with a just as beautiful life

The cycle continues forever, but never ceasing to lose it's glory

With the final chapter on the old, the new can start their story

New leaves, with a bond just as close as the old can begin their legacy

Until the day they also fall, complete in their lives and state mentally

When that day comes, just as old they will find their beauty

And hope their heirs can achieve the same greatness in their duty

New leaves are here, as the old, smart, deep, kind and bold

To change from the normal green to a pretty orange or gold.

To take up what old friends left, such an honor that they can hold

There for eachother, through heaven and hell and through hot and cold.

And so ends the story of the old leaves, but the new ones also have a tale to be told

And this, my friends is a glorious chapter, as their stories together will now unfold.

Alexa's Poetry
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