I gaze out my window, and I am met with snow as far as the eye can see,

All sprawled out on the earth in a blanket, the coldness is all around me.

Things are completely coated in the snow, looking entirely white.

Almost as if somebody had erased it, disappeared completely from sight.

It makes me imagine how the world would be if things can be entirely wiped out,

As I ponder this I stare at the ground, it looks like a paper decorated with Wite-Out.

If something were to be completely erased, would we remember it after the fact?

Or would those memories be gone too, leaving not a shred of it's existence in tact.

Could it return one day, much like the appearence of things will once the snow melts,

Or will everything but me stay disappeared, and I will have absolutely nothing else?

The cold air around me seemingly intensified as I thought this, as if nature is taunting me,

As I am left to only my thoughts, this question piercing my brain, completely haunting me.

Ceasing to exist frightens me, things suddenly and without a trace meeting their ends,

Possibly not being remembered by family or loved ones, or not even their closest friends.

I don't want this to be my fate, I wish to stay alive and known, even into the time I'm old,

I smile with this thought and I proceed to feel warmth protecting me from the dreadful cold.

I cannot be erased, so long as I have those close to me, I am safe from this form of harm,

As I imagine those dearest to me keeping me safe, my love holding me in their arms.

I continue watching the snow, feeling warm, the mocking of the cold no longer coming,

I can remain content knowing that I don't have to fear being erased to entirely nothing.