Yeah. Tkid again. The NightGuard.

Monday Bars #3.....on a Tuesday. Yeah, blog posting wasn't working for me yesterday.

And for this one I wanted to....I don't know, actually.

Lyrics just came to me so just bear with me on this one.




I'm trying gourmet. Day-mignon and sorbet.

Tired of goin' round a Monopoly board game.

I'm so done with this cycle tryin' to best me.

'Stead of the same-old stuff, I'm trying something fancy.

I'm just tired of being oh-so bland.

I'm not sittin', going circles. Nah, I'm gonna take a stand.

Put some spice up in my life, tired of going as planned.

Tired of the boring one-way trip of life unmanned.



From my perspective, I'm a little lame.

Every different day, it's just all the same.

Same clothes, same cologne, same shoes, same game

same hair, same color, same face, same name,

same every little detail, but I know for a fact

that I'm done. I'm REALLY gonna change all that!

I'm gonna be different. I'm gonna be gourmet.

No more of that bland old taste. No corn-flakes!

No more of using that word "again"!

I'm gonna trash all my routines, my friends!

I'll shock the world! I'll rock my house!

No more life and I playing cat and mouse!

I'm chasing new goals, and I set them high!

I'm setting this Monday Bar! (So fly.)

Gonna dump this life and move onto some bigger shit.

Take out similarities. Add in some big differences!




My future used to seem so bleak and

I would never really break my sequence.

But now, I promise I'm changing and the sequence won't be so frequent.

I won't do it at my convenience.

I'm gonna do it now. And I'm speaking

to the region of people who have this weakness.

I mean, Jesus! Stop and try gourmet style this weekend!

(chorus x2)




Yeah. So that was number 3 of Monday Bars.

This was inspired by, of course, Edubble's Freestyle Friday series, particularly Board Game

(Check it out, it's SUCH a catchy song!)

Anyways, thank you for all your support in this series. I promise, I'll get these out every week, as promised!

See you guys next week!