It has been a week since I've gone to school

Took it for granted, just like an average fool

I've realized how much school gets me through the day

Without it, nothing to do, nothing to learn, nothing to say

I've been bored, antisocial, trying to find a spark of life

Without the wonders of school, my mind is filled with strife

I miss my friends, miss the sense of living, sense of being

Now my mind is wandering, looking, searching, fleeing

You see school as an annoyance, a waste of time, a burden

But with nothing to do, you start to miss it all, even the learning

I want to DO something, feel accomplishment, not sit and watch TV

I miss feeling proud, miss doing things, this boredom leaves me seething

I wish the snow would stop, keep school from closing every single day

So that I can be happy again, not dull and lifeless, that is all I have to say.