I had been broken when it happened, a pain that was there to stay,

How one so close could just have been so quickly and suddenly taken away.

I couldn't handle it, it was too much, that now I had to face a cruel separation,

But plea after plea wouldn't make things better, it was just pointless desperation.

I had sobbed, screamed, written, I was truly a shattered soul,

It was as if all happiness was crushed and flattened whole.

Just after a rough spot too, not even the chance to make peace,

The bond slightly broken, now my feelings had nearly been deceased.

I claimed life to be cruel to me, taken the one that gave me so much joy

All of that replaced by negativity, not a single shred of happiness to deploy.

It was quite some time ago, and yet I remember it as if I just witnessed it unfold;

The final good bye and moment between us, not another story to be told.

Nothing could replace them, nobody could affect me in that manner,

No more serious talks, and not even anymore playful and hearty banter.

I just had a feeling of nothingness after, as if all hopes and love ran,

Without their assistance and care, this was where my downward spiral began.

I loved them more than anything, yet life had to go make such a heartless steal.

This Loss affected me the most, because I never thanked them and told them how I feel.

Alexa's Poetry
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