I've watched over this place for many years, as the founder of it at one time,

From its quiet, lonely beginning to right now, when it is in its prime.

I've made many allies and enemies throughout, allies mostly so far,

And then the ones I consider my true friends, my fellow stars.

The orange being, while not around often, I would say is a welcome comerade,

Well known for brightening up nearly any situation, no matter how bad,

I would enjoy seeing him more, but I'll make the most of when we do interact,

For he has been an understanding being to me, smart, honest, and exact.

The lavender being, the one I see most, as close as if we were related,

She's always remained at my side, even when our bond was at its most complicated.

No matter the hardship she endures, she remains loyal to the very end,

I may not have had an interest in you, yet I consider you one of my greatest friends.

Lastly the green being, a simple, king and funny soul, I must say,

Trusting and creative, I spot him around nearly every day.

I see great potential in him, for sure, he can do great things with his skill,

Though he claims to have a bad side, to me, he seems very good willed.

These are the three that have been with me up until now, aiding my very creation,

These are the three that have been light in the darkness of my isolation,

These are the three that have been closest to me, friends above all the rest,

These are the three that have been made stars, and as their Leader, I will guide them to be their best.