If you would like to read with music, I was listening to this while writing, and think it fits the piece.

As a concept, I have always found karma to be an intiguing idea, one that I felt could maybe exist,

But I have many doubts as well, seeing it add so many pure souls to its hateful hit list.

Those that are the brightest of the species seem to suffer the pain most, their hardships long,

While the crueler humans are free mostly. Why must trouble fall most on those that do no wrong?

One day a kind being may be the picture of health, the next? Stuck with a fatal disease,

Comparitively, the murderer only gets imprisoned, living the rest of his days with some ease.

I feel those that deserve the least get the worst of what karma has up its sleeve to create,

As if such entities and doing no evil is despised, even frowned upon by the harshness of fate.

To be so good yet have life be so bad for them, is that truly their destiny?

And now, it seems the maladies of life have come by to affect me.

In the times I am most happy, soon after I am strucken back down by tragedy,

My scarce moments of bliss ripped from me by the harshest offers of reality.

I keep up my health as well as I can, and then, I get yet another sickness,

I face insults and harassment daily, yet my skin can hardly grow new thickness.

I'm at the bottom of the pyramid it seems, not among the happy and the well set.

My depression is settling back in, my life soon to be facing off with debt.

And now losing my home and my mother's job, tonight I feel that I will look up to the stars and make a wish;

Why, Karma? I'm sorry for what my family has done wrong in life, can you please take us out of this?