A bit of a prelude before we begin. This is not any of my current work, this was an old poem I made for my 8th Grade English Class that I stumbled upon while checking through my Google Drive, I felt like uploading it here. If it seems nonsensical this was how we had to format them and the basics of what we needed to do in them, Enjoy.

I Am

I am lonesome and calm

I wonder how my actions are affecting the future me

I hear the rising phoenix

I see the sands of time passing

I want true peace of mind

I am lonesome and calm

I pretend to connect with the heavens

I feel all events are part of a major plan

I touch the heavens in my dreams

I worry about my ill sister

I cry over the passing of my dog

I am lonesome and calm

I understand my purpose in life

I say all actions will have a purpose 

I dream of a complete world

I try to make my dreams become accomplished

I hope for a complete world, of true peace and harmony

I am lonesome and calm