The sunset finally ended just as Lucidus Star finished reliving moments from his past. Although the past was behind him, he still felt part of Shadow☆Star living within his spirit. Not knowing what to do about it, Lucidus accepted that there would always be a side to him that even he would never understand.

His silent pondering was soon interrupted by his three friends, who kindly threw balls of sand at his back.

"Ow, fuck, jesus guys, that freaking hurt," Lucidus cried out in pain.

Negative Four was shocked. "Oh no, I'm so sorry Lucid. I thought that sandballs would be just like snowballs."

"You're so dense NF," Evol said nonchalantly.

Steaming, Lucid walked up to Negative Four.

"Negative, do you realize exactly what sand is? In case you weren't aware, sand is made up of numerous tiny pebbles. You threw compressed rocks at my back!" Lucid explained viciously.

Ximena stepped in between Lucid and Negative Four, and she gently pushed back Lucidus.

"Lucidus, don't be mad at her. It was my idea. I told her that it would be painless for you," Ximena explained.

Lucid glared at her, but she started to chuckle in response.

"I knew that she was lying, but I thought that your reaction would be funny, and it was," Evol teased.

Lucid walked back to the cliffside, and sat down.

"You all suck," he lamented.

Negative Four sat next to him, and she put her arm around him.

"Aww, cheer up buddy. You know that we were just teasing. Just tell me where it hurts. I give great massages," she said happily.

"Gee, I think it hurts where the rocks made contact with my back," Lucid replied sarcastically.

"Then let's go home silly. I have some lotion that will make you feel all better. You'll love it," she said. Then, she grabbed Lucid, and ran towards her house. Ximena and Evol stared at them, slightly confused as to what transpired.

"Should we join them?" Ximena asked.

Evol shook his head. "Do you really want to be in the same room as Negative Four when lotion is involved? I think we both know what's going to happen."

"Yikes, I agree. Let's go play smash melee at my place instead," Ximena offered.

Evol smiled. "I'm down."

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