Last night, the revelation I thought I would dread had come, the big reveal,

That the one I held dearest to me, that who they were was not actually real.

But, this is only semi true, only one part of them was really fake,

However, the feelings between us were not, make no mistake.

They were still there for me when I needed, for the genuinely cared,

And I cared for them in return, it was a mutual Unbreakable Bond we shared.

I can completely accept who they are, though I had expected to be cross,

I still love them for who they are, no matter what, so there was never a Loss.

There is little to no pain about this from me, even though the truth can hurt,

Yet as I've said, they did care, they made me feel happy, feel my worth.

This may only make me love them more, the fact that now they're their true form.

Knowing that they're there, and happy, as well as caring, it brings a calm to my inner storm.

I feel closer to them than ever now, my respect for them is still very much above,

And the feelings are still there too, I still can give them all of my love.

And you know what? They've told me they love me too, putting to rest my fear,

Them telling me this was something that I had always hoped of getting to hear.

With this in mind, as well as them being there for me, perhaps I'm due for a change.

I believe now I can become my older, happier self again, though the thought seems strange.

With their love and support helping me, I'm certain I can finally scale my downward slope,

Maybe this was all I had needed, and perhaps, what I needed, was to once again have Hope.

Alexa's Poetry
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