Evol watched with apathy as his character, Link, was sent away into oblivion for the tenth time in a row. Zelda, controlled by Ximena, taunted just before the game ended.

"Awesome, you won again. Can we do something else now?" Evol asked.

"Not until you start trying Evol. I know that you can play better," Ximena replied.

Evol sighed. "Look, the only reason why I am here is because I had nothing else to do tonight. I couldn't care less about my performance in this game. Video games in general are pointless anyway."

"Why do you think that?" Ximena asked while scratching her chin.

"Because, nothing that happens in them mean anything. It's virtual reality. Once you turn it off, nothing that you did matters," he said.

"That's where you're wrong Evol. You do have a point that video games are a virtual reality, but there is so much more to them than that," she argued.


"With video games, you have the power to not only control a character, but an entire reality. With a simple push of a button, I can teleport and send you to your death, as I did many times. I have the ability to be something that I am not, but at the same time, represent a different part of myself without changing my appearance. I can be everyone, and no one. On top of all that, I also have the ability to interact with others using any persona that I choose. I can create world's, galaxies, universes even! What's not amazing about all of that?" Ximena explained.

"That just sounds creepy to me," Evol dryly replied. "If you want to be something else so badly, then why don't you must get a sex change or something?"

"Two reasons for that Evol. One, I like being a girl. Two, that procedure is rather taboo, complicated, and expensive. And I don't have the ability to just create a different world on Earth. I'm not a god," she said.

Evol thought for a moment. "Something about all of this feels off. I don't like it."

Ximena smiled a wide grin. "You don't have to like it."

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