""One may hurt others by being themselves at times, but those who wear the guise of somebody that is not who they truly are will end up harming many more. Especially those close to them.""
User:Mystical Trixter

Caibidil Aon: Mystical Trixter's real name is Alexa Viola Day.

Caibidil Dhá: Mystical Trixter has a great fear of driving, drowning, and her own blood.

Caibidil Trí: Mystical Trixter has played the drums, trumpet, guitar and harp before, though was not very good at any of them.

Caibidil Ceithre: Mystical Trixter's favorite anime is a tie between Naruto and Fist of the North Star.

Caibidil Cúig: Mystical Trixter has actually been on Wikia since 2010 with other accounts that she had forgotten the existence of.

Caibidil Sé: Mystical Trixter's lucky number is seven. Coincidentally, her full name has seven syllables, and every number in her birth date is a multiple of seven.

Caibidil Seacht: Mystical Trixter has technically held a single position of power on ERB Wiki longer than any other staff member, at over 2 years since her first promotion.

Caibidil Ocht: Mystical Trixter's favorite video game series is the Devil May Cry series.

Caibidil Naoi: Mystical Trixter's love and passion for writing started at the age of 9.

Caibidil Deich: Mystical Trixter has written stories for the horror, romance, mystery, crime and action genres.

Caibidil Aon Cheann Déag: Mystical Trixter has been temporarily promoted twice at ERB Wiki.

Caibidil Dhá Cheann Déag: Contrary to what some believe, Gardevoir was never intended to be Mystical Trixter's "signature character" nor is it her favorite Pokemon.

Caibidil Trí Cinn Déag: Mystical Trixter has been in the news before.

Caibidil Ceathair Déag: Mystical Trixter has nearly died from illness twice.

Caibidil Cúig Cinn Déag: At the age of six Mystical Trixter could easily read through entire chapter books alone, and in first grade read at a fifth grade level effortlessly.

Caibidil Sé Déag: At the age of six Mystical Trixter wrote a fanfiction without even knowing fanfiction existed.

Caibidil Seacht Déag: Mystical Trixter has had severe bullying problems since she was 10 years old.

Caibidil Ocht Mbliana Déag: Despite loving to write and writing near daily, Mystical Trixter has atrocious penmanship.

Caibidil Naoi Gcinn Déag: Mystical Trixter is talented at archery.

Caibidil Fiche: Mystical Trixter once wrote a short story that was very much relevant to the old Four Stars philosophy of "finding one's enlightenment". This was before her joining the wiki.

Caibidil Fiche Haon: Mystical Trixter knows two different types of martial arts.

Caibidil Fiche Dó: Mystical Trixter's favorite color is Lavender, she finds it to be very soothing, beautiful color, as well as loving the flower of the same name.

Caibidil Fiche Trí: Mystical Trixter's favorite flower is the clematis, and hopes to start a garden of them some day.

Caibidil Fiche Ceathair: Mystical Trixter suffers from chronic nightmares, having them almost every time she sleeps.

Caibidil Fiche Cúig: Mystical Trixter was initially hated by the members of Four Stars.

Caibidil Fiche Sé: Mystical Trixter hates being touched.

Caibidil Fiche Seacht: Mystical Trixter has been in two competitive tournaments for the video game "Super Smash Bros. Melee" and has placed third place in both.

Caibidil Fiche Ocht: Mystical Trixter has slight germophobia.

Caibidil Fiche Naoi: Mystical Trixter is a very firm believer in redemption.

Caibidil Tríocha: Mystical Trixter currently can speak English and French, and hopes to learn German, Italian and Gaelic.

Caibidil Tríocha Haon: Mystical Trixter almost started a comic at one point, and still has many of the character ideas from it incorporated into other projects.

Caibidil Tríocha Dó: Mystical Trixter's family has owned 10 different dogs in her life, 4 of which have passed away, 4 belong (or belonged in the case of one) to her grandfather, 2 (now 1) to her brother in law's family, 1 is her sister's that lives with her husband, and 3 belonged to her and her immediate family, one of which passed away.

Caibidil Tríocha Trí: Mystical Trixter discovered ERB Wiki while searching up ERB lines in Google during a technology class (The teacher didn't care much about what she did, since she was one of his favorites) and seeing what would come up, with the wiki having always been in the top results.

Caibidil Tríocha Ceathair: Mystical Trixter has had a gig in a haunted house at her school as a zombie.

Caibidil Tríocha Cúig: Mystical Trixter is a slight pyromaniac, though not to the point of burning things illegally or causing vandalism/damage.

Caibidil Tríocha Sé: Mystical Trixter used to be an avid fan of paintball, and still owns several paintball guns.

Caibidil Tríocha Seacht: Mystical Trixter has broken one bone in her life, and fractured two.

Caibidil Tríocha Ocht: Mystical Trixter loves spicy foods.

Caibidil Tríocha Naoi: Mystical Trixter loves sunglasses, owning over 15 pairs and wears or carries a pair wherever she goes, for a plethora of reasons.

Caibidil Daichead: Mystical Trixter is of the Leo Zodiac sign, and her birthstone is the ruby.

Caibidil Daichead Haon: Mystical Trixter has a habit of cracking her bones whenever she can.

Caibidil Daichead Dó: Mystical Trixter has 20/20 vision and can see great distances away from her, but perhaps as a trade off, has a rather lacking sense of smell.

Caibidil Caichead Trí: Despite Mystical Trixter winning the "Funniest User" award two years in a row, she is more serious than joking in real life

Caibidil Caichead Ceathair: Mystical Trixter has taken a picture with a minorly famous comedian/actor.

Caibidil Caichead Cúig: If Mystical Trixter were to leave all of Wikia for good, she would most likely return to 4Chan, the original website she frequented.

Caibidil Caichead Sé: Mystical Trixter has attempted to take her life on more than one occasion.

Caibidil Caichead Seacht: Mystical Trixter used to have her very own wiki before she became a star, it was, however, removed for unknown reasons.

Caibidil Caichead Ocht: Mystical Trixter had been hinting to her leaving of ERB Wiki for quite some time.

Caibidil Caichead Naoi: Mystical Trixter has always thought her purpose in life was to make people happy, and to be of use to somebody. Whether or not she has accomplished this is a matter of opinion.