Is there anybody out there who would want to have immortality?

I certainly wouldn't, if said power could become a reality.

The initial thought seems nice, never dying from age,

But living an eternity seems something that could make one insane from rage.

The downsides far ouclass the upsides, more than one will initially think.

All that solitude and time would make even the most serene reach a psychotic brink.

Depression looming constantly, and with that old age, not able to solve things,

Not being able to do anything to have death bring you under it's comforting wings.

Such a pitiful fate, one that nobody should have to endure,

Forever miserable, not even being able to have escape occur.

But that isn't even the worst aspect of such a curse,

There is but one notion that makes all of it even worse.

Think of your friends, to you they have love and kindness to shower,

Also the case with your love and family, but they wouldn't possess this power.

You would have to be there for all of the despair, seeing all of them dead,

Never being able to join them, it would fill even the heartless with dread.

For an eternity you would mourn and weep, with nothing coming from it,

Slowly losing sanity and thought, gone are any traces of former wit.

All would be lost for you, and your time stopping would be never.

You're all alone, filled with misery, hollowness and lust for death's embrace Forever.