Read forward for hope.

Because of these things, I surrender

I hate the world, nothing good comes from humans, to destroy we will not cease

We're wasteful, selfish, evil, greedy, overconfident, hubris, lancers against peace

Is there good at the core of our hearts, waiting for the right moment to shine? I doubt it

And yet, I hope, I pray, that all of our hate, prejudice. Someday, we can live without it

While we may be inherently bad, there a some who choose to resist their darkness, a choice

I beg the question, how much can one person do? Against the force of nature, have we a voice?

Of the 7 billion on our 3rd planet from the Sun, the good people I am one of the very, very few

I will use the positive chi flowing within me to rewrite the wrongs, to begin mankind's journey anew

Because of these things, I persevere

Read backwards for despair.

The 4th Avatar 23:21, October 12, 2015 (UTC)

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