Shadow☆Star lost many of his friends after his plan went awry. Dexter was put into a coma. Nina and Colette died. Shadow and Evol were the only survivors.

Back to square one, Shadow fell into despair.

"I don't know what to do anymore Evol," Shadow lamented. "More lives have been lost because of me. I should have listened to you guys."

Evol looked disinterested. "Yes, you should have."

The two wandered the barren environment, looking to start anew. However, they soon found out that the world they were in did not allow second chances.

"We should leave this world," Evol suggested. "There's nothing left to find here."

"But, where would we go? What's out there?" Shadow asked.

Evol smiled, a rare occurance. "There is a lot to see Shadow. You would know that if you didn't have your head in the dark all the time. Come on, let me show you what I mean."

Then, the two traveled together to an unknown tomorrow.

The Short Stories of Avatar XIII
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