True friendship, such a rarity in modern times, it's commonness coming to an end,

Some people could go through all of life never having it, not one actual genuine friend.

They could have acqaintences, yes, but would they truly be there for them?

It could very easily be a ruse, and for the blooming of many lies, it's only the stem.

What is real friendship? Somebody who won't betray or manipulate one,

They start it, they begin a bond that is unbreakable, and will never be undone.

There's no going back on true friends, they will always be there for one another,

They view you as more than a friend, but more like a sister or a brother.

They accept you for who you are, no matter what it is about you,

They like you for you, and you like them for them too.

But sadly, as the world gains more hatred, this type of bond is sparse,

Kindness almost gone, everybody has grown so very bitter and harsh.

It's a sad but true life, and friendship is something that's starting to die,

Ones you think are your friends may not be, and it's nothing but a lie.

Who are your real friends, thinking about this every once in a while is a must,

You must know who really is there for you, and who you can really trust.

The one you hold dearest to you may be your worst enemy, but you remain unaware,

Make sure you know who's your true friends, lest you find out that the bond was not there.

Always know your true friendships, because they are eternal, the best relationships,

And you'll realize that one of the greatest gifts out there is the rare delight of Companionship.