It's all over, my entire reason for happiness has faded away,

Everlasting depression, that is the only emotion that will stay.

Vision obscuring liquids cascade down, staining all it touches, stinging the eyes,

Nothing will be the same, it will never get better, not even with my best objections or cries.

I wish that at the moment the darkness would embrace me, so I could disappear,

The very worst has occured, and now I have to face what would be my greatest fear.

I can't do this anymore, what's the point of it, what am I supposed to feel?

They say hope is just a word, why does it hurt so much to know it's not real?

This is the final poem, as in the end, like everything, they were for nothing,

Everything is changed now, and it can't go back, but this is the first of many Closings.