It's been over 8 years now, you've entered my life, and what a time it has been for the both of us.

Back then you were spry, wild, full of life and love, something I hadn't appreciated as much as I could've.

I was losing another at the time, and I couldn't accept you, I saw you as trying to replace him, something nobody could do.

That was never your intent though, you just wanted to love us and you did,  never stopping, a true member of the family, even now.

It's been a long time, now, and you're close to moving on like he did, you've been close for a while now.

Though this breaks my heart like his moving on did, I know it is what's best, I understand it must be done.

I know you're suffering, much more than I am, hopefully soon your nightmare can come to pass.

I think I'm finally ready for what's to come, but before it does, I have some final things that I must tell you.

I've done it before and I do it now, I apoligize for my coldness from your joining my family, I wish I could take all that back.

But, more than anything, I have to thank you. Thank you for all the care and kindness you've given all of us.

The saying "Man's Best Friend" is a common term to describe a dog, you have shown me just how true that phrase can be.

Through thick and thin, heaven and hell, all you offered was support and love, even now you try your best to provide it.

Though you cannot talk, you would always stay and listen to any problems I shared, and provided comfort when needed.

And you would try your best to spend time with me, even while sick you'd try your best to play and keep your spirits high.

A German Shepard is one that sends fear into some souls, but yours is one more kind than any other that I've known.

Loyal and loving to even strangers, I could not imagine you ever doing any harm like some would worry you would.

You know well how much your suffering hurts me, I've come to you many a time now for comfort, which you gave the best you could.

Now and forever I will hold you in my heart. If the afterlife exists, I hope I can meet you there. Please give him my regards as well.

Just a few days left for you I feel. If that is to be true, know that I love you, and I will always remember you, old friend.

No, old friend doesn't describe you. You're my dog and family. And more than "old friend" you are a Best Friend.

Thank you, for everything you've done throughout the years. I love you, Miller.

Thank you.