Today is a day that I release a very special poem that means a whole lot to me. I worked extremely hard on this one, and to the one that it is dedicated to, I do hope that you read it and enjoy it, none of this would be possible without you. With that said, allow us to begin this monster of a poem.

The PoemEdit

In my time in this world, I've met many different people in different places,

Lo and behold, among them there are many wonderful and brilliant faces

Only one, however, has affected me as you have, made me feel this way

Valentine's Day is today, I figured that this would be the perfect time to say

Everything about you I love, I cherish every single moment we share

You hold my feelings dear, and for me you genuinely do care.

Of all those I have faced in my time on this rollercoaster of emotion

Under any circumstance, you have supported nearly all my notions

Sometimes I'll think to myself, how much I desire to be with you

On the days we spend together, nobody makes me happy the ways you do

Many times I've been down, but you were the one to pick me up again

Understand this, my love, I will always care about you until the very end

Clearly my admiration to you is great, this you obviously realize

Hiding my affection was pointless,it could easily be seen by your eyes

And though you do not feel the same, perhaps things could change one day

Very soon? I doubt, but in time, perhaps you will feel the same way.

All reading know who I'm referring to, who center of my attention is

Truly not a huge mystery, but what may be a surprising fact is this;

All of my depression from long ago, and how all of it disappeared

Really it was all because of you, and the fact that you're always near.

Yes, you were the one to have filled my dark soul with light,

Okay, that was a DMC quote, but it describes you just right.

Usually when you are around, a bit of nervousness comes to me

And I can get shy around you, though I try not to let you see.

Red in the face I am getting, just typing up this gift for you

Everybody knows how I feel, so why is this difficult to do?

Very strong restraint it takes, just to hold back all of my love

Even then it's so difficult, perhaps I just need the right shove.

Really, my biggest struggle of all is if things will change,

You currently don't feel this way, but don't find me strange.

So long now, you've been aware of this adoration that I have,

When you're happy, I'm happy, my amusement is making you laugh.

Every emotion from you caused by me is something I value

Except grief and disappointment from some things I tell you.

Through it all, you stick by my side, treat me as if I was one of your own

I cannot express my gratitude and love to you, you make me feel not alone.

Here's what I'm getting at, without you life wouldn't be the same,

On top of your smarts, you have my heart as something you claim.

Previously I wrote of you before in a way, also with loving intent

Except you are not a Fallen Angel nor a Loss, so my messages were bent.

You and I still share an Unbreakable Bond, however, that is still a constant

Outside and inside you are beautiful, my emotions to you will not relent.

Under your eyes, I've been much happier about everything now,

Complete loyalty and care to you like you have to me, that's what I vow.

As time passes, my liking to you never loses it's power,

No matter how many days, months weeks or hours.

For only know you a bit under two years, I can easily say there's nothing I regret

Even the moments we hit rough patches, they are occurences I don't want to forget.

Easily the reason why is because I spent them with you, this makes them worthwhile.

Lucky is what I am to have you so close, to say otherwise would be just utter denial.

Through all we've been through, we've had eachothers backs

Helping one another out, together we could survive any attack.

Every moment I think of you, I have a warm feeling overcome me,

Seeing you around increases that, what a pair we've come to be.

As I start to drift into sleep, I can be assured that you may be inside my dreams,

Making me feel okay, and that everything is much better than it may seem.

Extrordinary, that is a perfect word to explain what kind of person you are.

Amazing is another fantastic word, if only saying it before wasn't so hard.

Sometimes I fear you don't care for me, but you always put that idea to rest,

I know that you do, you are the person that makes me feel my absolute best.

Darkness would engulf me likely if I didn't have you to be around,

Only light surrounds me now, knowing that your loving care can be found.

So in total, I am completely infatuated with you, a fact that I fully admit,

On reading this, I hope you appreciate my work here, I really hope you like it.

Making this was a tough task, but it will all be worth it just to make you happy,

Every smile on your face is worth it, even if it requires me to be this sappy.

Thank you for all you've done for me, love, I'm honored to have known you.

In closing this poem, I must say once more I love you and that every word wrote here is true.

Make sure to read the first letter of every line, it describes my feelings even more

Ending this poem now, let me just say this; I love you with all my heart, Avatar Four.


So... what do you think? I poured my heart into making this for you and really want you to love it. I spent days making it all because I want to make you happy, and to show just the extent of my love and care for you. I'll admit I was very nervous about putting this up, but I'm somewhat confident you'll like it. I hope to see you later today so we can talk even more.

Happy Valentine's Day, Avvy. I love you.