It's amazing the things you can do if you are to wear a mask,

Hiding your identity and face otherwise can be a difficult task.

We can hide everything from the world, including emotions we bare,

We can hide any true thoughts we feel, most of which will be despair.

Nobody needs to know of our pain, our sorrow, our inner strife,

And they need not learn of all the hardships we're facing in life.

Masks can be worn at any time in public, taken off when alone

Much like any clothing, until your emotions are stripped to the bone.

Then, when it's off, we reveal our identities, our true forms

The anger comes blazing, the tears come in like small storms.

Why do we wear the mask in the open? Why is it that we hide?

Why is it we will cloak ourselves like this, and to acquaintances we lied?

The answer is simple, we don't want pity, for them to feel remorse.

So we wear them to fool ourselves to thinking good, when things can't be worse.

Everybody does it, and yet, we can't bring ourselves to reveal,

Our thoughts are kept away, and our emotions are concealed.

One day, we all should show our real form, cease holding back

Then, we can comfort one another, and not resort to an attack.

The world can be better, once we remove this web of lies,

When we remove the mask, and finish donning such A Deceiving Disguise.

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