"I wonder if that's my fate. Always being the bad guy."
— Shadow☆Star


Fact I: Shadow☆Star is the founder of Four Stars Wiki. He created it on December 1st, 2012.
Fact II: Shadow☆Star has been blocked from more wikis than any other sockpuppet created during the Four Stars era and Shadow☆Star era.
Fact III: Shadow☆Star was the darkest user, even more than Evol, due to a depression that lasted from mid-2012 to mid-2013.
Fact IV: Similar to Lucidus Star, Shadow☆Star didn't have a "real" name.
Fact V: There is an anime/manga named Shadow Star. However, Shadow☆Star did not get his name from it.
Fact VI: Shadow☆Star often occupied himself by writing journal entries. Some of them are still available to this day.
Fact VII: Shadow☆Star essentially ruined the entire Uncreative Wiki through his actions, rendering it abandoned.
Fact VIII: Shadow☆Star's original username was Lemongrab.
Fact IX: Shadow☆Star desired to be a reluctant hero. However, this desire led him to become an antihero, and eventually a villain.