"I have seen users say things equal to or worse than that in chat. If he is penalized for it, then so should they."
— Amon Maven

Amon Maven

Leçon 1: Amon's real name was Ienzo Marx (although that was never revealed).
Leçon 2: Amon's original name, Dexter Maven, was supposed to be Maven. The username "Maven" was already taken, so I added the name Dexter because it was the first one that I thought of.
Leçon 3: A Maven is an expert or connoisseur. Therefore, Amon was very tactical.
Leçon 4: Amon's Wikiqualists were heavily inspired by the Wikiqualists on Avatar Wiki.
Leçon 5: Amon spoke with near perfect grammar because, technically, he delivered a never-ending speech.
Leçon 6: Had the Wikiqualist Revolution been successful, Amon would have sought to replace staff with people of his choosing.
Leçon 7: Unlike the Four Stars, Amon didn't have a special color.
Leçon 8: Amon played the Viola.

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