I don't give a shit about your fancy coding, A4 Fgt.

Now, let's commence the rockEdit

1. My full name is Orion Leon Kaiser

2. My favorite color is cyan

3. I am a Bureau at two wiki's, an admin at four, and a mod on a couple others

4. I joined the day before the Ross vs Picasso audio came out

5. My first edit was me saying I didn't understand a joke

6. I've been banned by every person that was in power, except by Ynkr, Wonder, Nail, Bantha, and BTTF

7. I am engaged 

9. My favorite anime/manga used to be Dragon Ball Z, then it was Soul Eater, now it's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

10. You didn't notice I skipped eight, now did ya?

11.My laptop sucks.

12. Both of my parents are deceased.

13. I "left" two times on the wiki

14. I've been suspected of every major troll.

15. I harbor a theory that one our semi known users is a troll

16. I don't have a favorite game, really. Too many.

17. My favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy.

18. I'm Hooked On A Feeling!

19. I have a heavy dislike of Kanye West. I make this very open

20. My Steam name, and my Town of Salem name is AlbertoWeskaro

21. I mod my own games, personally. Sometimes I do requests. They'll all no charge.

22. I work at Subway.

23. Hey, wanna buy my five dollar foot long?

24. I've been in two stories, and one parody

25. I hate Germany

26. And America, and Canada....And many other places

27. I've done cocaine and weed.

28. 7:00PM is Wine Time, motherfuckers

29. I'm friends with many people. Notable exceptions include Mind, Pigs, Jack, and Kanye West

30. I've never understood why some people sock puppet.

31. Hypocrites, in my eyes, are the worst kind of people.

32. I am a terrible rapper

33. I'm good at researching things.

34. I once ran over my friend.

35. I've had no sibling, except one

36. I'm almost never tired, except in a car

37. I hate the color purple. ERB Chat now looks so god damn awful

38. I plan on going to college in the next year

39. I was almost mod at ERB, mid to late 2014

40. My fiancee's name is Amanda

41. I'm afraid to be mod.

42. I hate jumpscares. I also dislike heights. A lot.

43. I'm gullible ;-;

44. I am 6'10




45. Pringles are the best kind of chips.