"I made Coupe fuck a man!"
— Wachowman

Fact 1: The name Wachow comes from Axel Wachow Berry, my in real life name.
Fact 2: Macho Man was never supposed to be my main Avatar. This only happened after Scrawland started calling me WachowManRandySavage, to where I made my avatar Macho Man and never really left it.
Fact 3: Wachow is not pronounced Wa-choe to rhyme with Macho. It's simply pronounced Wa-chow.
Fact 4: I was originally going to give myself (and later on Roxanne) fake names, Richard and Sarah, which are the names of my mother and Roxanne's father.
Fact 5: I almost deleted my account on accident 3 days after I was promoted to Chatmod on ERB Wiki.
Fact 6: I found ERB by hearing some friends at school talk about it, my first ERB that I ever watched was Napoleon vs Napoleon, unknowing to me there were 16 other battles already out, and I later started to love ERB.
Fact 7: Despite the autocorrect and "incorrect" spelling, I've actually won a Spelling Bee in the third grade.
Fact 8: My favorite game series is the Megaman Starforce Series followed shortly by the Saints Row Series
Fact 9: The first movie is ever saw in theaters was a Power Puff Girls movie
Fact 10: When I first saw The Walking Dead on TV I thought it was Zombieland, a movie I dislike, so I skipped it to only watch the same episode 3 days later
Fact 11: A majority of my families Birthday is in July, myself, my fathers, my mothers, 3 uncles, an aunt, and 4 cousins.
Fact 12: I found my favorite band, Three Days Grace, from the game WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007
Fact 13: I was kicked almost immediately after my first time joining chat after suspicion of being a Sockpuppet of Tbone
Fact 14: I've had 7 girlfriends in my entire life but Roxanne is the only one that lasted for more than 3 months
Fact 15: I was once in a school fight where someone once bashed a textbook on my head