"I have no idea what I am doing here. :D"
— Espeon 18

Espeon 18

Verità 1: Espeon's full name is Maria Sabrina D'Angelo. Her initials are "MSD," which are the same as NightFalcon9004's. However, only her first name was revealed so there would be no connection between the initials.
Verità 2: Espeon lives in Perugia, Italy. This location was chosen due to Night's interest in Italy and the fact that the town contains the word "Peru," the country Night was born in.
Verità 3: Unsurprisingly, Espeon will major in psychology while she is in college.
Verità 4: Espeon's brother, Victor, was not planned to join the wiki. When Tanner knew about Espeon, he eventually wanted to join the wiki as her brother. The name Victor was improvised by Tanner.
Verità 5: Espeon's favorite food being chocolate comes from the fact that eating the delicacy can improve memory and mood behavior.
Verità 6: Although Espeon is her favorite Pokémon, she prefers using Gardevoir in Pokémon battles.
Verità 7: Espeon's favorite film is La vita è bella, which is an Italian film that translates to Life is Beautiful. Her second favorite film is Inside Out.
Verità 8: Espeon is actually half-Italian on her dad's side and a quarter-Spanish and quarter-Puerto Rican on her mom's side. Her parents met in Sicily, Italy.
Verità 9: Espeon's favorite music genres are jazz, pop, and classical.
Verità 10: Her Pokémon dream team is: Gardevoir, Ninetales, Absol, Altaria, Milotic, and Espeon. She may switch out two of them for Mienshao and Froslass.
Verità 11: There were times in chat in which Espeon would make a prediction that came true. This was pure coincidence, but she would state it to make her appear psychic.
Verità 12: Espeon is pansexual, meaning she is attracted to any gender and gender identity. She is more physically attracted to males and more emotionally attracted to females. The only thing that wouldn't captivate her to someone would be if their soul or appearance seemed repulsive.
Verità 13: Espeon was going to try to have an intimate relationship with Ximena 13 after knowing her well, but she had backed out of it thinking she wouldn't have mutual feelings.
Verità 14: Mathilde, the girl whose pictures were used as Espeon's real form, dislikes Pokémon.
Verità 15: Espeon's biggest fear is entomophobia, which is the fear of bugs. This mimics the fact that Psychic-type Pokémon are weak to Bug-type moves.
Verità 16: After leaving ERB Wiki, Espeon often joined chat in the Spanish Super Mario Fanon Wiki and the Spanish Super Smash Bros. Wiki. She coincidentally met a female user from both wikis named A-Crobat Espeon.
Verità 17: Espeon's favorite rapper(s) in ERB are the Renaissance Artists. Prior to their battle, it was Sherlock Holmes.
Verità 18: Espeon has an IQ of 151: the same number of Pokémon in the first generation.