"Intelligence is the key to ruling the world."
— Ximena 13

Ximena 13

I: Her real name was Ximena Menai Byrne.
II: Ximena's special color was purple, which is symbolic. Red tends to represent aggression, and blue tends to represent calmness and peace. Therefore, she was meant to be a mixture of both qualities, but she leans more towards being calm.
III: Ximena was into futuristic things. This is why EDM was her favorite genre of music.
IV: The reason why Ximena's personality suddenly changed in December was because I made her act like Samantha Byrne from Gears of War 3 (also what inspired her name and avatar).
V: Before settling for Century Gothic, Papyrus was her favorite font family. This is ironic because Papyrus makes things look ancient, which goes against the futuristic theme Ximena had.
VI: Ximena's efforts to gain power were the complete opposite of -4. -4 worked with Night against staff, while Ximena worked with staff against Night.
VII: Ximena's bi-curiosity was acted out.
VIII: Ximena's original special color was white.
IX: Ximena became the coder of Four Stars because I experimented with coding for the first time with the original Ximena13.
X: Ximena is meant to be pronounced "Zi-meen-uh".
XI: Ximena's primary special skill was image editing.
XII: Ximena played the Bassoon.
XIII: The reason why Ximena left after only a month long administrative term was because of the guilt and stress of living a lie.

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