"this battle, and your entire series, is a pile of horseshit. we don't want to see this crap on our activity feeds."
— Evol Love

Evol Love

Essence 1: His real name was Devin Wade.
Essence 2: Evol's special color wasn't always silver. For about a month, his special color was green.
Essence 3: Evol was briefly in a relationship with -4.
Essence 4: Evol was the youngest Four Stars member. He was 14 years old.
Essence 5: Evol played the Tenor Saxophone.
Essence 6: Evol's personality was the same as Akane Star, the original sockpuppet.
Essence 7: Evol was technically the first Four Stars member to leave wikia. He just stopped editing after winter 2013. However, he still joined chat a few times after that.
Essence 8: Evol's full name is a palindrome, and a rearrangement of the word "Evolve".
Essence 9: Although Evol hated everyone, he had a particular dislike for DexterMaximus.
Essence 10: Evol's favorite song was Take Five by Dave Brubeck.
Essence 11: Evol was left handed.

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