1. Mildew'dEar was inspired by and revolved entirely around Shakespeare initially. He was inspired by the play Hamlet (his avatar was from David Tennant's portrayal of Hamlet and his name is taken from the play), his real name "Will" is short for William, which came from Shakespeare.
    1. This was supposed to be ironic given I was playing him, and he was a fiction created by myself.
  2. Mildew'dEar was designed to be an outlet through which I could provide to many people suggestions for rap battles, including alternatives to ones I wanted to propel specifically forward as myself.
  3. Mildew'dEar at one point commented from the perspective of User:Iamthelegion on the Third Official Hurt/Heal, on a comment where someone had pointed out there were no important users starting with the letter "X", saying "Me and Tov rep tha' X", as Tov was Beast of the X-Men and Legion was at that time Emplate, an X-Men villian.
  4. Mildew'dEar's rap battle series "Epic Rap Battles of TV" was stolen from ToonPrince's series of the same name.
  5. Mildew'dEar's series was designed to give me a broader area in which to create a series while keeping a theme, as themes often caused series to become more popular on this wiki, and the taking of suggestions was also to cause the series to become more popular, as at the time I had been feeling depressed about how little fanfare my battles had gotten.
  6. Mildew'dEar represented my id, and specifically was designed to be very nice to everyone in comments and on chat.
  7. Mildew'dEar was the only one I had contributed for while I was not otherwise available, having used my phone to contribute as him while I was on a short break in the middle of an assignment presentation for university.
  8. Mildew'dEar's role in the hurt/heal was to get as many people down to 1 or 2 hp as possible so that people wouldn't camp to kill them, and it would finish faster. He also killed the Legion self of me, his only camp. Twenty minutes constantly refreshing recent activity, that was.